What's Kapok?

‘Kapok’, the down that grows on trees

‘Kapok’, the down that grows on trees

Although Kapok is very high functioned fiber, because of its lightness and shortness, it was difficult to make a product with it. We, KAPOK KNOT, made it possible to make a product using Kapok by doing research and development in partnership with a major company.

The hollow of fiber is the key of its lightness. When it’s cold, it inhales the moisture and warms up. When it’s hot, it exhales the moisture and make it cool and comfortable.

You will feel like you are hugged very softly by Kapok’s layers of the air when you are wearing it.

No need to use the skin or feathers of animals or cut down trees anymore. We, KAPOK KNOT are active with circulating with small steps, by donating part of the sales to planting Kapok trees and protecting the forest.


Connecting you and the future.

We are the brand that is specified with Kapok.

We believe that enjoying fashion will empower your heart and body. Each little thing that we choose forms what we are as individuals. Our brand name KAPOK KNOT means knotting things together through Kapok, And our logo is inspired by the Japanese traditional motif called ‘Mizuhiki’ Which has meaning of long lasting relationships.

When we make decisions, we always consider of making sustainable environment to create new things, for our next generations.

Those each decision that we have made in the past forms ‘KAPOK KNOT’ now.

What you are is what you have chosen. If, our brand could be one of those your choices that you make, there’s nothing that will make us happier.

Connecting you and the future.


Surface Material: 63% Polyester | 34% Cotton | 3% Polyurethane
Padding: 60% Polyester | 40% Plant fiber(Kapok)
Lining: 100% Cupra
Material Number: KAP-002/003
Made in Japan (Hokkaido)

Only 5mm, but the same warmness as down.
New material coat with high function.

Our coat is very thin and light, by using special sheet called ‘ethical down Kapok’ (patent pending) which has 5 layers.

The hollow contains the air, inhales moisture and heats up, then gently stores heat inside it.

In general, coat with down weights about 1kg, but our coat only weights about 800g. Light coat like usual, but makes you warm like down.


We are introducing behind the scenes and the processes of development.
Feel the down that grows on trees, now.

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About the company

  • Campany name:
    Futaba Shoji incorporated.
  • What we do:
    Planning, trading, and selling apparel products.
    Licensing of patent products of our own.
  • Head Quarters:
    1-7-18 Senriyama-higashi, Suita city, Osaka 565-0842
  • Established in January 1947

Kishow Fukai / Representative of KAPOK KNOT

Born on 1991. From 0saka prefecture, Japan. Self-proclaimed as evangelist of Kapok, who says the word ‘Kapok’ at least 10 times a day. After graduated from Keio University in 2014, joined a venture real estate agent, changed a job to a major fiber company, then started working for Futaba Shoji Incorporated, an apparel maker which is his family’s business. He had always had been questioning about apparel industry which does mass disposal. When he met Kapok in the end of 2018, he felt that it was fate, and started brand concept of ‘KAPOK KNOT’.

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